African American genealogy in Nelson County, Virginia
Dr. William Cabell wall plaque at Midway Mills, Nelson County, Virginia
Dr. William Cabell - progenitor of the Cabell family in Virginia
Wingina Post Office, in Wingina, Nelson, Virginia

List of
African American

Nicholas Family
of Wingina

Liberty Hall at Warminster owned by Dr. William Cabell, owner of the Swan Creek Plantation, Lovingston, Nelson, Virginia

Nathaniel Francis Cabell

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Bon Aire Mansion at Cabell Farms - Wingina, Nelson, VA
Old mill at Midway Mills, Nelson County, VA
1880 Lovingston Census - showing Abram Shipman & Julia Allen
My grandparents - Carlie Ann Allen & Arthur Garfield Nicholas
1880 Lovingston Census showing Washington Nicholas - Sophia Diggs - and Sukey Diggs, Sophia's grandmother
my dad - William Aleck Nicholas
my brother Rodney Nicholas - my uncle Arthur Nicholas, Jr. and me - Derek Nicholas
my sister Karen Nicholas - (me) Derek Nicholas - my grandfather Arthur Garfield Nicholas
Soldiers Joy - Cabell Property in Norwood, Nelson, VA
Slaves on packet boats on the James River
Section Hands - track maintenance crew - Gandy Dancers
old slave cabins at Edgewood - located on the property of Joseph Carrington Cabell - Wingina, Nelson, VA
Nelson Heritage Center
2-Disk DVD set of the Slave Descendants of the Cabell Family - Nelson, VA
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Nicholas Family of Wingina, Nelson, Virginia
(African American line)
Page 3
Descendants of "Old John" Nicholas
(1st Generation)

negro servants on the Swan Creek Plantation at Cabell Farms - Warminster, Nelson, Virginia

Old John Nicholas (often appears as "Old Jack" - Nathaniel F. and William Daniel Cabell's headman). Old John appears on the slave list of Nathaniel Francis Cabell, residing at Liberty Hall in Warminster, Nelson, Virginia. He was born a slave on January 14th, 1798 according to the list of negroes written by N.F Cabell. Old John was the father of Washington Nicholas my second great grandfather.

Liberty Hall - list of negros showing Old John Nicholas, Betsy Gilmore, Saunders Early, Emily Beverly Early
Old John started out on the farm of Nathaniel's cousin, in Curdsville, Buckingham Virginia. This area, was also known as James River, Buckingham, Virginia. Nathaniel's cousin was named John Sydnor Horsley the 3rd, who married Louisa Scovill Brady. The name of the Horsley plantation was called Travelers Rest, located just a short distance from the Seven Islands Plantation owned by Dr. George Nicholas (1695 -1734). George's three sons were Capt. John Nicholas, George Nicholas, Jr. and Robert Carter Nicholas. These three children were orphaned at the ages of 7 and 9 years old. According to the book "The Nicholas Family from England to Virginia - from John Nicholas ( - 1461)" by Richard Ludlam Nicholas. This line of the "Nicholas" family went bankrupt due to the squandering of the family's money by various relatives, after Dr. George Nicholas, and his wife Elizabeth Burwell Carter died.

Perhaps... (and this is just an assumption) the parents of Old John Nicholas were possibly owned by this line of the Nicholas family, and sold to William Horsley of ("Traveler's Rest") and Mary Cabell (daughter of Dr. William Cabell) to pay off debts, being that these two plantations were in such close proximity to each other, (near that horseshoe curve along the James River, across from Scottsville).

1870 Buckingham census showing Old John Nicholas as a farm laborer of John Sydnor Horsley
This plantation, ("Traveler's Rest"), was inherited by John Sydnor Horsley the 3rd, from his great grandparents Mary Cabell, and William Horsley. Mary Cabell, was the daughter of Doctor William Cabell born in 1699 in Wiltshire, England. Doctor William Cabell was the progenitor of the Cabell family in Virginia. About 12 years before John Sydnor Horsley died in 1887, at the age of sixty one, (around 1875) he gave Old John Nicholas and his family, to Nathaniel F. Cabell. The 1870 census record shows Old John Nicholas residing on the Horsley plantation. Old John Nicholas was shipped across the James River, from Buckingham, to work and reside on the Cabell plantation in Wingina around 1874. This plantation was called the "Swan Creek Plantation", located in an old town known as Warminster, founded by Dr. William Cabell in 1732.

Nathaniel Francis Cabell was born 1807 at the Cabell homestead called Liberty Hall, on the Swan Creek Plantation and resided there until 1885. Nate died in Bedford, VA in 1891. His property value was worth 48,000.00. His estate value was 25,000.00 (including his 27 slaves) in 1860. Nate joined "The Swedenborgian Church" - slave abolishionists in 1837, but continued to own slaves until emancipation.

Old John Nicholas died at Liberty Hall, in 1895. He is believed to be buried at the Cabell family slave cemetery at the corner of Cabell road (rte. 626) and Midway Mills Lane in Wingina, Nelson, Virginia.

Midway Mills  - protected by the James River Wildlife Management Corp. - Wingina, Nelson, VA
from the book The Cabells and Their Kin - History of Midway Mills, Liberty Hall, and the Swan Creek Plantation - Wingina, Nelson, VA
from the book The Cabells and Their Kin - History of Midway Mills, Liberty Hall, and the Swan Creek Plantation - Wingina, Nelson, VA
Life at Liberty Hall - page from William Daniel Cabell
Old John Nicholas, and his wife Judy, had eleven children. There names were Malina, Washington, James, Frances, Jane, Lucy, Mary, Joseph, Emma, Eliza, and John junior. James Nicholas, Old John's third child, was born in 1841. James, married Emily Pollard, born 1842. The couple, were shipped to work the farm of Zackariah R. Lewis, along with Benjamin Diggs born 1843 and his wife Martha Pollard, born 1845. Martha, was the sister of Emily Pollard. Benjamin, was the brother of Sophia Diggs (first wife of Washington Nicholas) and the son of Lewis Diggs.
1880 Lovingston census showing Nathaniel Francis Cabell, Old John Nicholas, Emily Early, Washington Nicholas, and William Nicholas
Zachariah Lewis, and William Daniel Cabell, born 1834 of Old Norwood Plantation, Nelson, Virginia had multiple business dealings concerning the hiring out of their slaves, according to the diary of William D. Cabell. William Daniel Cabell married the daughter of Nathaniel Francis Cabell. Her name was Elizabeth Nicholas Cabell, born in 1834, and died in 1863. The Old Norwood Plantation was completely destroyed by fire on Dec. 14, 2012, just 10 days after I finished much of my research, photographing gravesites from Midway Mills, through Union Hill, Old Norwood, Fork Field, Tye River, Bufalo Ridge, Gladstone, Colleen, Massies Mill, and Amherst.

(1798 - 1940)

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