African American genealogy in Nelson County, Virginia
Dr. William Cabell wall plaque at Midway Mills, Nelson County, Virginia
Wingina Post Office, in Wingina, Nelson, Virginia

List of
African American

Nicholas Family
of Wingina

Liberty Hall at Warminster owned by Dr. William Cabell, owner of the Swan Creek Plantation, Lovingston, Nelson, Virginia

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aunt Irene Nicholas & grandmom Carlie Ann Allen
Cabell family at Edgewood - Wingina, Nelson, VA

African American Heritage
2-Disk DVD set of the Slave Descendants of the Cabell Family - Nelson, VA
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Morse Family of Massies Mill to Wingina, Nelson, Virginia
(African American line)

Family of Noah Venable of Lovingston, Nelson, Virginia

See the "Venable family line of Wingina" page.

This is just an introductory page, to this family line.

Let's examine the Morse / Venable family connections. We'll begin with Alexander Venable, second child of Noah Venable. Alex, born 1868, who married Clarissa Patteson born in 1869.
Alexander Venable, and Clarissa Patteson, had issue. Their children were Charles Andrew, James Clifford, Winston, Clarence, Frances, George, Ophelia, Royal, Mildred, and Lewis Venable.

Family of Alex Venable and Clarissa Patteson of Lovingston, Nelson, Virginia

The most direct connection to the Morse family is through the daughter of Alex. Her name was Ophelia Venable, born in 1905. She married Douglas J. Morse, born 1904.
Marriage of Douglas Morse and Ophelia Venable of Wingina, Nelson, Virginia

Douglas was the son of Andrew Morse, Sr. and Sallie Jane Hudson out of Massies Mill, Nelson, VA
Here are the children of Andrew Morse, Sr., and Sallie Jane Hudson: Gertrude, Minnie, Samuel, Leanna, Cora, Andrew Jr., Mary, Ivanhoe, or Iveno, Sallie J., Novell Berniece, and Genosa.
Family of Andrew Morse, Sr., and Sallie Jane Hudson of Massies Mill, Nelson, Virginia

The "Woodson" family connects through Novell Berniece Morse, who married Haywood Woodson. (See "Woodson" family line).
Let's check out Leanna Morse, for a bit,daughter of Andrew Morse Sr. - Leanna was born in 1907, and married Stewart Horsley, born in 1903. He was the son of James Edward Horsley born in 1862, and Sophia Yancey, also born in 1862. James Edward Horsley was the son of Frederick Horsley, and Millie Whitlock. Stewart, and James Edward were the brothers of Caroline Horsley, who married first, Daniel Diggs, brother of Lewis Diggs (father of Sophia Diggs), who was the first wife of my second great grand father, Washington Nicholas. Stewart's sister Caroline Horsley was the second wife of my second great grandfather, Noah Venable.(See "Nicholas" family line. Also, the "Diggs and Horsley" family lines).

Back to to Andrew Morse Sr. He was the son of Robert W. Morse, Sr. born in 1837, and a slave of Landon Newton Brent. Robert W. Morse, Sr. married Sophia Burton, born in 1851. Robert, and Sophia, had issue. Their children were, Georgia, Silas, Robert Jr., Andrew Sr., Archie Sr., Cora, and Clarence Morse.

Archie Morse Sr., born in 1878, married, Emma Willis Page born in 1879. They were also among the original members of the White Rock Baptist Church in Massies Mill. The children of Archie Morse Sr., and Emma Page were, Georgia Ann, Sophia, John Oakley, Archie, Robert, Elsie, Lacie, Emma, Zachariah, and James Morse.

Emma Morse, born in 1916, daughter of Archie Sr., married Kader Napier, born in 1913. Kader, was the son of Massie Colonel Napier, and Ardelia Coleman. (See "Napier" family line).

The Morse family line connects the Bailey, Bolden, Christian, Clarkson, Coleman, Diggs, Edmunds, Giles, Johnson, Napier, Nicholas, Page, Randolph, Robinson, Rose, Taliaferro / Toliver, Thompson, Venable, and Woodson.

(1767 - 1970)