Residing at LIBERTY HALL on the Swan Creek plantation - Warminster, Nelson, Virginia. In the area known as Wingina, Union Hill, Norwood and Midway Mills. Also, the allied families of Buckingham, Albemarle, Appomattox, Amherst Counties, Arrington, Gladstone, and Massies Mill, residing at Pharsalia, Level Green, Montebello, 3 Springs, White Plains,and Oak Ridge plantations.

It's not just a family tree... but an ENTIRE COUNTY of negro / mulatto enslaved individuals and their descendant family lines who are ALL inter-related by an unusual en-tangled web of marriages, consisting of 60+ original families dating back to 1740. Brought forward in time to the current generations of descendants.

These African American original slave descended families are;
Nicholas, Gilmore, Diggs, Beverly, Yancy / Yancey, Woodson, Horsley, Mayo, Morse / Moss, Venable, Rose, Bolden, Nunery, Early, Fleming, Bailey, Banks, Reynolds, Cottrell, Clopton, Bowling, Glover, Coleman, Allen, Jamieson / Jemison, Edmunds / Edmonds, Patteson / Patterson, Reveley, Megginson, Barber / Barbour, Hughes, Bell, Hogan, Martin, Kidd ,Robinson, Roberson Lockett, Page, Cousins, Pryor, Pendelton, Powell, Carey, Hagar, Miles, Brown, Key, Payne, Cashwell, Howard, Carrington, Napier, Baker, Gaines, Giles, Jordan, Harris, Irving, Essex, Christian, Sandidge, Jett, Loving, Ligon, Epps / Eppes, Ellis, Austin, Gray, Hill, McCoy, Jones, Davis, Madison, Mack, Meade, Meredith, Mickens, Mitchell, Cabbell, Spinner, Payne, Whitlock, Winston, Wright, Terrell, Callen, Ratcliffe, Vanison, Shipman, Steptoe, Strange, Durett, Tomes, Crockett, Vaughn / Vaughan, Taliaferro / Toliver, Hill, Pinn / Penn, Tompkins, Urquhart / Ercus, Thompson, Green, Jackson, Springs, Sparrow, and Johnson.

I have created a 4-hour video called the "Slave Descendants of the Cabell family of Lovingston, Nelson, Virginia". Formerly in DVD format, Now,this MP4 video tells the history of this area, located along the Piedmont Plateau in Wingina, Nelson, Virginia. In this video, you will learn about the history of first generations of known slave descendants born out of slavery. You will learn about their marriages, births, deaths, and their children, and how they are connected to each other, as well as the slave owning families of Nelson County, dating back to 1730.

This informative video is akin to an audio / video book with an extensive family tree - for the descendants of our connected families, including detailed information of the attached slave owning family lines. Just a wealth of valuable and historic information and family heritage, to pass onto the next generation, and beyond! I'm thankful that I am able to pass this onto you.

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