African American genealogy in Nelson County, Virginia
Dr. William Cabell wall plaque at Midway Mills, Nelson County, Virginia
Wingina Post Office, in Wingina, Nelson, Virginia
Warminster Drive and Cabell Rd. street sign - Wingina, Nelson, Virginia
List of
African American

Nicholas Family
of Wingina

Liberty Hall at Warminster owned by Dr. William Cabell, owner of the Swan Creek Plantation, Lovingston, Nelson, Virginia

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aunt Irene Nicholas & grandmom Carlie Ann Allen
My father William Alec Nicholas & his sisters Frances, Irene, Shirley, and Eva with their dog Pal
William Nicholas with a WOODSON or ALLEN family member
Colonel Thomas Lygon roadside marker

2-Disk DVD set of the Slave Descendants of the Cabell Family - Nelson, VA
African American Heritage
Jean L. Cooper


Allen Family of Shipman, Nelson, Virginia
(African American line)
My grandparents  - Carlie Ann ALLEN & Arthur Garfield NICHOLAS

This is just an introductory page, to this family line.

My grandmother Carlie Ann Allen,
was the daughter of Alexander Allen,
and Bettie Miller.

Grandmom Carlie Allen's list of family names - ALLEN / ROSE / PAYNE / SPINNER / MILLER connections

The first wife of Alex Allen, was Bettie Ella Miller, born in 1873. Bettie Miller's parents were Moses Miller, born in 1844, and Adnnonia "Edna" Miller, born in 1854.
Marriage of Alex Allen and Bettie Miller

Alex Allen, and Bettie Miller had issue: Their children were George William, Carlie Anne, Eva Bell, William Alexander, Nannie Noreen, Annie Bolding, Edna Miller, Mary Francis, and Walter Morris Allen.
Alex Allen and Bettie Miller's children

Walter Morris Allen was born in 1912. His first wife was Lena Nora Rose, born in 1919. (See "Rose" family line). Walter's second wife was Annie Elizabeth Roberts, born in 1919. Walter Morris Allen and Lena Nora Rose had issue. Their children were Herbert, George, James, Walter Morris Jr., Ralph, Elizabeth "Bettie", and Warren Allen.

Lena Nora Rose's second husband, was Linwood "Worth" Nicholas, born in 1927. He was the son of James Nicholas, and Easter Bolden. (See "Bolden" family line). James was the brother of my grandfather, Arthur Garfield Nicholas. Linwood Worth Nicholas and Lena, had two known children. They were, Alfred, and Melvin.

Lena Nora Rose, was the daughter of Rebecca Lee Wayne, and John Lincoln Rose,Jr. Rebecca Lee Wayne was also the third wife of James Nicholas. The first wife of James was Rosa Bell Tompkins (daughter of Washington Nicholas's adopted brother, Wash Tompkins).

A third brother of James, and Arthur was Linwood Nicholas, who went by the name of Lin. He was born in 1897, married Mannie Taylor, and moved to Newport News, Virginia, and became a demolitions expert.

The second wife of Alexander Allen (Carlie's father) was Alice Rose, born in 1873. (See "Rose" family line).

Marriage of Alex Allen and Alice Rose Clopton

Alice Rose and Alex Allen, had only one known child. His name was Randolph "Ralph" Allen, born in 1917, and died in 1925.

Alice, was the sister of John Lincoln Rose, Sr. The first husband of Alice Rose, was Price Clopton, born in 1868. Their children were Claude, Cornelius, Alice, Ernest Price, Susan, and Cornelia Clopton. (See "Clopton" family line).

The parents of John Lincoln Rose Sr., (through painstaking research), were Isaac Rose, born in 1830, and his second wife Cornelia, born in 1845. Allegedly, Isaac had an estrange daughter named Mary Rose, born in 1866. Mary listed her mother as Louisa Hilton, according to Mary's marriage record showing her marriage to Walter S. Wright in 1884. By 1880, Louisa Hilton (according to the census record) was residing in Montgomery, Tennessee.

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